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Aircraft Needs Analysis

Your private air travel needs are unique and the options seem endless. The solution is not in a spreadsheet or nice brochures.  VanAllen’s customized and unbiased approach gives you the information you need to make the best decision for your business. We begin with understanding your critical issues and concerns.  Then we create customized operational and economic models to provide you with the insight and information you need.

Your analysis will include these elements and more:

Trip Profile

Needs Analysis Trip Profile Assemble and analyze the most recent 12 months of travel data.  This provides important insight into the application of your aviation resources.  Additional dialog will provide deeper insights to any special requirements, sensitivities, or anticipated changes.

Aircraft Comparisons

Needs Analysis Aircraft Comparisons Using the Trip Profile and additional strategic input, VanAllen will assist in evaluating capable aircraft options and compare them closely.  If applicable, they will compared to existing aircraft.  For the aircraft models which meet the critical criteria, a detailed side-by-side comparison will be provided.  The comparison will show key characteristics such as performance, cost, and comfort.

Market Opportunities

Needs Analysis Market Opportunities

Using our extensive knowledge of aircraft market conditions, financial markets, and operational options, VanAllen will provide further insight to help guide your decision.  This may include:

  • New and used aircraft availability
  • Estimated value and exit strategies of current aircraft
  • Lending and leasing opportunities


Financial Analysis

Needs Analysis Financial Analysis

For the options under consideration including the current fleet, VanAllen will work with your financial team to create comprehensive cost analyses based on the ownership term you desire.  The analysis will provide a project Net Present Value (NPV) and will account for all variable, fixed, and capital costs to reflect your specific operation.  These very insightful analyses can help you examine topics such as:

  • Newer aircraft with warranty versus older aircraft
  • Aircraft residual values
  • Lease versus finance versus purchase
  • Charter revenue and margins

To round out your Plan, VanAllen can work with your team and other advisors on additional strategies like staffing plans, operational and ownership structures, and tax issues.

To explore solutions for your unique travel needs, contact Jeff Agur at 770-507-5001.

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