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Cessna Citation CJ3

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The Cessna Citation CJ3 is the next iteration in the Citation CJ line. Compared to the CJ2+, the CJ3 is the same cross-section but 2-feet longer making the CJ3 more comfortable for larger passenger loads.  The CJ3 also has approximately 200 additional miles of range compared to the CJ2+.  While the CJ3 will appeal  to the private owner/operator it offers more than enough performance and comfort to support a corporate missions.  It can fulfill missions typically served by turboprops at comparable acquisition and operating costs. Introduced in 2004, the fleet has grown to over 400 aircraft.  Current operators of the CJ3 include Hy-Vee and Bass Pro Shops.

Cessna announced the CJ3+ in early 2014 and will be equipped a upgraded Intrinzic Flight Deck built upon the Garmin 3000 avionics package. The G3000 replaces the Collins Pro Line 21 Flight Management System. Other features will include standard TCAS II (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) and TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System).

Citation CJ3 Buying Guide

The Citation CJ3 is available used on the open market or new from Cessna for a limited time.  Outside a few small optional upgrades, the only significant variance among the CJ3 fleet is the interior configuration.  The interior is offered with a standard 6-place interior.  An optional side facing seat with a smaller refreshment center can be installed to accommodate a seventh seat.  Optional maintenance service plans for engines (Williams TAP or TAP Elite) and airframe (Cessna Pro Parts) are also available.

Citation CJ3 Fleet & Budget

 Fleet Statistics:   Budget:  
 Years of Manufacture: 2004-2015 Price, New ($):1  NA
 Fleet Size: 411 Price, Average Used ($):2 $4,270,000
 North American Fleet: 315 Variable Cost ($/hr):3 $1,380
    Fixed Cost ($/year):4  $337,000

Citation CJ3 Performance & Trip Analysis

Performance:   1000nm Trip Analysis:5
Range, Seats Empty (nm):6 1,891 Flight Altitude (ft): 43,000 
Range, Seats Full (nm):6 1,374 Time En route (hh+mm): 02+37
Max Cruise Speed (kts): 417 Fuel Burn (gal): 172
Average Block Speed (kts): 383 Fuel Cost @ $5.50/gal: $860
Average Fuel Burn (gal/hr): 172
Rate of Climb (ft/min): 4,478
Max Operating Altitude (ft): 45,000
Balanced Field Length (ft): 3,440

Citation CJ3 Dimensions

Internal Dimensions: External Dimensions:
Cabin Length (ft): 15.67 Length (ft): 51.2
Cabin Height (ft): 4.75 Height (ft): 15.2
Cabin Width (ft): 4.83 Wingspan (ft): 53.3
Cabin Volume (cuft): 286

Citation CJ3 Weights & Comfort

Weights: Comfort:
Max Takeoff Weight (lbs): 13,870 Seats, Typical: 6
Basic Operating Weight (lbs): 8,585 Int. Baggage Capacity (cuft): 0
Max Payload (lbs): 1,925 Ext. Baggage Capacity (cuft): 65
Usable Fuel (lbs): 4,710
Payload with Full Fuel (lbs): 775

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1. As published in the BCA 2013 Purchase Planning Handbook.
2. Compiled from VanAllen research and AMSTAT. Updated October 2016.
3. Estimated based on $5.00/gallon fuel cost, average fuel burns, hourly engine and maintenance reserves. Crew trip and catering costs excluded.
4. Estimate including insurance, hangar, 2 pilots.
5. Source: B&CA Annual Purchase Planning Handbook, zero winds, ISA, 4 passengers, unrestricted climb.
6. As published by manufacturer using NBAA IFR reserves. Actual range may vary given your operational profile and routing. Additional analyses highly recommended.

All data for reference only and should be verified prior to making any purchasing decision.

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