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Dassault Falcon 2000LX

Falcon 2000LX Exterior Dassault Falcon 2000LX Interior Dassault Falcon 2000LX Interior 2 Dassault Falcon 2000LX Flight Deck


The Falcon 2000LX is third iteration of the popular Falcon 2000.  The Falcon 2000LX takes the improvements of the Falcon 2000EX and takes it one step farther.  This includes a blended winglet design which increases range and fuel efficiency by up to 5%.  The 2000LX began deliveries in 2009 and was later replaced by the 2000LXS in 2013.  The 2000LX fleet is over 120 aircraft and current corporate operators include Home Depot, Humana, and Archer Daniels Midland.

Falcon 2000LX Buying Guide

The Falcon 2000LX is only available pre-owned on the open market.  A number of options are available to include avionics enhancements like heads-up display (HUD) and EASy II upgrade.   Of note, some earlier 2000EX aircraft with aftermarket winglets are being marketed as “2000LX” aircraft.  Cabin options include cabin layout, internet access, and cabin entertainment systems.  Standard seating configurations include 8-seat and 10-seat options.  From a market acceptance and resale standpoint, the 10-seat configuration has proven more desirable.
For aircraft nearing 6 years of age, careful consideration should be given to the “C” inspection which can be costly and timely.  Engine maintenance plans for the engines (Honeywell MSP or JSSI) are also available.

Falcon 2000LX Fleet & Budget

 Fleet Statistics:   Budget:  
 Years of Manufacture: 2007 – 2014 Price, New ($):1   NA 
 Fleet Size: 128 Price, Average Used ($):2 $14,500,000 
 North American Fleet: 64 Variable Cost ($/hr):3 $2,200 
    Fixed Cost ($/year):4  $780,000

Falcon 2000LX Performance & Trip Analysis

Performance:   1000nm Trip Analysis:5
Range, Seats Empty (nm):6 4,255 Flight Altitude (ft): 47,000
Range, Seats Full (nm):6 3,817 Time En route (hh+mm): 02+21
Max Cruise Speed (kts): 482 Fuel Burn (gal): 280 
Average Block Speed (kts): 414 Fuel Cost @ $5.00/gal: $1,400 
Average Fuel Burn (gal/hr): 280
Rate of Climb (ft/min): 4,350
Max Operating Altitude (ft): 47,000
Balanced Field Length (ft): 5,850

Falcon 2000LX Dimensions

Internal Dimensions: External Dimensions:
Cabin Length (ft): 31.0 Length (ft): 66.3
Cabin Height (ft): 6.2 Height (ft): 23.2
Cabin Width (ft): 7.7 Wingspan (ft): 70.2
Cabin Volume (cuft): 1,028

Falcon 2000LX Weights & Comfort

Weights: Comfort:
Max Takeoff Weight (lbs): 42,200 Seats, Typical: 10
Basic Operating Weight (lbs): 24,440 Int. Baggage Capacity (cuft): 131 
Max Payload (lbs): 5,260 Ext. Baggage Capacity (cuft): 0
Usable Fuel (lbs): 16,660
Payload with Full Fuel (lbs): 1,300

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1. As published in the BCA 2013 Purchase Planning Handbook.
2. Compiled from VanAllen research and AMSTAT. Updated October 2016.
3. Estimated based on $5.00/gallon fuel cost, average fuel burns, hourly engine and maintenance reserves. Crew trip and catering costs excluded.
4. Estimate including insurance, hangar, 2 pilots.
5. Source: B&CA Annual Purchase Planning Handbook, zero winds, ISA, 4 passengers, unrestricted climb.
6. As published by manufacturer using NBAA IFR reserves. Actual range may vary given your operational profile and routing. Additional analyses highly recommended.

All data for reference only and should be verified prior to making any purchasing decision.

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