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Creating Your New Flight Department – Structuring for Safety, Service, and Dispatch Reliability

Imagine this conversation between a first-time aircraft buyer and a consultant, which describes how to establish an in-house flight department: Buyer: My Board recommended we buy a super mid-sized jet for our North American and EU travel. What do we need to know? Consultant: How did you decide on the aircraft you’re buying? Buyer: We conducted a [...]

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Avoid Emergency Response Confusion

A narrow perspective of Emergency Response, as Business Continuity, may leave your company, your people, and your brand in unnecessary peril. When clients are asked if they have an Emergency Response Plan (ERP), the answer is almost uniformly, “Yes.”  As I probe, I frequently find their ERP is focused on Business Continuity.  This is especially [...]

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Are You Really Ready?

Are You Really Ready?   By Peter v. Agur, Jr., Managing Director & Founder The VanAllen Group, Inc     Forget ghosties and goblins, vampires, and werewolves, oh my.  We aviation professionals lose the most sleep over the specter of an accident.  After all, our most important responsibility is to assure safety.  But accidents can [...]

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Disaster Response: Plan now or Pay Later

Disaster Response: Plan now or Pay Later Do’s and Don’ts for Difficult Duty. Published 1995 – Business Aviation Management Journal   By Peter v. Agur, Jr., Managing Director & Founder The VanAllen Group, Inc.     As difficult as it may be, aviation department managers have to prepare for the unthinkable. Be sure you have [...]

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This is a Test

This is a Test… It is only a Test… The unfortunate fact is it often takes a catastrophe to effect change, and that certainly is the case with business aviation security. The few reports of serious security breeches that have occurred in recent years suggest that the problem may be much bigger than we care [...]

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