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Cognitive Decline

When it comes to assuring safety in business aviation, operators can become more focused on the airworthiness of the aircraft than on the cognitive health of pilots, despite estimates that about 70 percent of accidents are the result of human factors.  Read more here…

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Creating Your New Flight Department – Structuring for Safety, Service, and Dispatch Reliability

Imagine this conversation between a first-time aircraft buyer and a consultant, which describes how to establish an in-house flight department: Buyer: My Board recommended we buy a super mid-sized jet for our North American and EU travel. What do we need to know? Consultant: How did you decide on the aircraft you’re buying? Buyer: We conducted a [...]

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Business Aviation “Justification”: It’s All About Strategy!

Without identifying the strategic benefits of Business Aviation to your firm, you and other leaders risk being sniped at over why the Board authorizes aircraft services. This hot potato cannot be delegated. You cannot ask your Director of Aviation Services to provide you with justification for his or her business unit’s existence. Their job is [...]

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The Fabled Pilot Shortage

Predicted for years but postponed until recently, the severe pilot shortage now is upon us. With the economy improving, the stock market up, and healthier retirement accounts, an increasing number of senior aviators are retiring. The initial effects of the FAA’s 2007 age 65 rule, which raised the mandatory retirement age from 60 to 65, [...]

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How Many Pilots Does It Take To Fly An Airplane? The Dilemma of the Manager/Pilot

Running the aviation department is just as time intensive as managing any other business unit in your company. Especially when you consider the four critical functions that must be routinely and effectively addressed to be certain the department is doing the right things and doing those things right. 1. STRATEGIC INTEGRATION What do you want [...]

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Job Security: What you can control and not control.

One of the best things about being a professional pilot is that you get to fly using other people’s money.  That also means you don’t have total control over your own job security. I recently received a call from an acquaintance.  He wanted me to find him a job.  He had been released from his [...]

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The CAM: In Context

Your Business Aviation department’s leaders should to be Certified Aviation Managers (CAM). Why would I say that and what does it means to you, as a Board Member, and what can you do about it?   Behind the Challenge Within your Business Aviation department, each professional discipline is very focused and limited in scope: -          [...]

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Have You Prepared Your Aviation Manager to Succeed?

  Very few Business Aviation managers are properly trained for their leadership role, asserts Pete Agur. On one hand, top corporate executives go to great lengths to select and prepare the emerging leaders for their critical business units.  This process is enhanced by the extensive education and managerial experiences of the candidates.  The Return on [...]

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Business Aviation Services Use Policies

  Identifying the Right Aviation Usage Policies for Your Company “Once you’ve seen one company’s use of Business Aviation, you have seen one company’s use of Business Aviation.”  This was told to me 25 years ago when I started my aviation consulting career by one of my first clients.    His point was; the business, organizational [...]

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How to Get Hired in a Flooded Market

Pro Pilot Viewpoint Pete Agur, ATP, MBA,CAM Managing Director & Founder  The VanAllen Group, Inc.     How to Get Hired in a Flooded Market   A client recently asked us to create a short list of candidates for two pilot positions.  We ran an ad on the NBAA’s Jobs web page.  We got 380+ [...]

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