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Safety Guards

Aviation Safety Starts ate the Top, With You, the Executive Leader Aircraft owners and executives directly contribute to aviation risks. They do it day-to-day, flight-by-flight. They do it actively, passively, overtly, and through neglect. As a result, the quality of business aviation safety has no correlation to the size or quality of the company or family [...]

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Raise Your Standard of Safety: Address Non-Catastrophic Threats

Do you put as much time, energy, and focus on aircraft operations ground safety as you do flight safety?  Not likely.  But, you should! North American Business Aviation’s safety record is touted to be as good as that of our FAR 121 peers.  In fact, we are crashing aircraft at enviably low rates.  However, if [...]

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The Graceful Goodbye

When Is It Time to Take Away the Keys? Your pilots and technicians are the best of the best. Or not. The fact is that 80% of professionally flown aircraft accidents are caused by human factors. With that in mind, one of the most critical waypoints in an aviation professional’s career is the graceful goodbye. [...]

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An Isolated Incident: Risk Management and Organizational Culture

by Dr. Jerry Dibble   “It was an isolated incident.”  The last time I heard this phrase, I was seated at a conference room table in a client hangar.  But, as usual, it didn’t mean what those who used it thought it did. Fortunately, the event in question had not resulted in personal injury or [...]

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Set Up for Success: Four Steps to Help Your Aviation Manager Thrive

“You set Bill up to fail. Without some significant changes, your next Aviation Manager will fail, too.” Having to deliver these harsh words to a recent client was not a pleasant task. As an organization consultant and talent acquisition specialist, I was asked to find a new Aviation Manager for a billion dollar technology company. [...]

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The Business Case for Hourly Cost Maintenance

Hourly cost maintenance programs may not be for everyone. If a $250,000 unexpected expense is not a concern to you, you probably don’t need them. For the rest of us, they can be invaluable. The following is an exploration of some of the primary business reasons many aircraft owners employ hourly cost maintenance programs so [...]

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Better Days Ahead for Business Aviation

Converging Conditions Lift Current Market But Continued Caution Counseled Put together a group of business aviation advisors and brokers, and it will be no more than five minutes before someone asks: “What are you seeing in the market?” Yes, we read all the press releases and we monitor data provided by the various analysts. But [...]

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Are Bigger Companies Better for You?

What size flight department is the best employer for you? Reflecting on his past, Pete Agur suggests that not everyone fits well in a large organization. But how can you know?After two years of studying aerospace engineering at the University of Colorado, I was asked by my father to join him for breakfast. The theme [...]

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Can You Justify the Company Jet?

The company jet and the CEO – a classic case study of the benefits of Business Aviation How do you justify using Business Aviation? Pete Agur has a novel approach—you don’t! Justifying buying a company jet is the same as justifying ownership of a private vehicle. You either need, want, and can afford a car… [...]

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Business Needs versus Biz Jet Safety?

Maintaining balance in your flight operations. f risks are taken to deliver busy execs on time, how safe is your business jet trip? Find out how to ensure that the company’s service needs don’t impact Safety. The highest-risk flight Mike flew during his year in combat was in the name of “service”. His helicopter was [...]

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