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Creating Your New Flight Department – Structuring for Safety, Service, and Dispatch Reliability

Imagine this conversation between a first-time aircraft buyer and a consultant, which describes how to establish an in-house flight department: Buyer: My Board recommended we buy a super mid-sized jet for our North American and EU travel. What do we need to know? Consultant: How did you decide on the aircraft you’re buying? Buyer: We conducted a [...]

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Business Aviation “Justification”: It’s All About Strategy!

Without identifying the strategic benefits of Business Aviation to your firm, you and other leaders risk being sniped at over why the Board authorizes aircraft services. This hot potato cannot be delegated. You cannot ask your Director of Aviation Services to provide you with justification for his or her business unit’s existence. Their job is [...]

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Trust and Verify

How often do you audit your Business Aviation Services? Most Business Aviation professionals are worthy of all the trust you place in them… and a very small percentage is not, observes Pete Agur. The Director of Aviation for a large, closely held company was recently indicted for embezzling $2.7 million. It is the first time [...]

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Establishing A Game-Plan

Whether acquiring your first aircraft, its replacement, or an add-on, the objective is the same: Place the best aircraft for your needs into safe and effective service while saving every nickel in making that happen. The stakes of the game are both intangible and tangible. On the intangible side, if the political or economic environment [...]

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It Starts With The Board! A Test For Business Aviation Safety

The greatest threat to Business Aviation safety is “assumption”, asserts Pete Agur. Following is a test to self-assess your company’s Business Aviation safety standards. Most Board Members assume that their company’s aviation service providers are performing to a high standard of safety. The following quiz is a quick barometer for measuring Business Aviation safety standards. [...]

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The Cases for Corporate Shuttles: Fully Utilizing the Company’s Investment in Business Aviation

The vast majority of value created by Business Aviation comes from the revenue side of the ledger: supporting the creation of more business. In other words, most Business Aviation trips help the cash register ring more often and louder. On the other hand, there is a set of ingredients that allows a corporate shuttle to [...]

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Vision Unlimited: The Revolution of Business Aviation

I’ve been introducing individuals and organizations to Business Aviation for over 40 years. It is a lot of fun for me because every time is a first time. I get to watch as each new owner discovers that the value of Business Aviation is far greater, and much broader, than what they had foreseen. The [...]

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How Many Pilots Does It Take To Fly An Airplane? The Dilemma of the Manager/Pilot

Running the aviation department is just as time intensive as managing any other business unit in your company. Especially when you consider the four critical functions that must be routinely and effectively addressed to be certain the department is doing the right things and doing those things right. 1. STRATEGIC INTEGRATION What do you want [...]

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Your Business Aviation Standards: How Safe is Safe Enough?

It is critical that Board Members get beyond assumptions when it comes to the safety standards of the company’s Business Aviation services. How safe is safe enough?  The majority of passengers, including Board members,  assume their aviation services are safe.  They know and trust the company’s  pilots, for they have not scared passengers.  Everything must [...]

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