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Business, Operational, and Financial Reviews

Aviation Audit & Aviation OperationsEach VanAllen Review is a consulting engagement that assesses strengths and opportunities to take performance to the next level. Our protocols are extensive. They are adaptable to your business, culture, and strategic intent. We have the knowledge and wisdom needed to help you get to that next level of performance.

Business Risk Review – Are your aviation services effectively addressing the business, legal, and risk management issues that could bite you? The Business Risk Review assesses that, and much more.

Best Practices Review – A systematic and holistic approach to assure the outcomes you intend. A comprehensive review that identifies strengths and opportunities to achieve even higher levels of performance, proactively. The deliverables include a road map and guidance.

Financial Reviews

  • Proactively – We help you understand how well you are managing investments and costs as well as how you can do even better.
  • Reactively – We review your significant expenses, like major inspection invoices, to determine their accuracy and appropriateness. Like a hospital bill, a major inspection invoice is never right and errors are rarely in your favor.
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