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Aircraft Ownership: Charter, Whole or Fractional Jet Ownership

Given the multitude of aircraft ownership and operating options, it is not surprising that there is substantial confusion regarding the nature of the various options and the methods for determining which option is best suited to a particular business.  Below we will explore the options of whole aircraft ownership, fractional ownership, and charter, including flight [...]

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SHARKS AND MINNOWS: The Seller-Buyer Game

SHARKS AND MINNOWS: The Seller-Buyer Game   Did your mother raise you to be a salesperson? Mine neither. But, as a consultant, I have to be one. And, like you, I am a customer, too. This gives me a unique perspective on the sales game, the game I call “Sharks and Minnows.”   My early [...]

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The Art & Process of “The Deal”

The Art & Process of “The Deal” You’ve worked hard to reach this point. It is a career opportunity for you… for better or for worse. The presentation has been made to the top decision-makers. The proposal is to purchase a new…brand new…business aircraft. The Meeting drags on. You impatiently await their decision. Then, the [...]

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