Year in Review: Startling Business Aviation Trends from 2018

By Jeff Agur| VanAllen

As 2019 is almost upon us, it’s a good time to reflect on this year.  Our industry along with many others experienced the benefits of the US economic tailwinds.  Stability led to confidence, confidence led to growth, and growth led to opportunity.

As we at VanAllen reflect on the work we conducted for our clients, there was an emerging theme throughout: Change.  These changes came in many forms- corporate change, executive leadership change, aviation leadership change, and fleet changes.

We surveyed a cross-section of over 100 public and private companies who operate corporate aircraft to examine their changes during 2018.  Some interesting statistics emerged:

  • 42% experienced CORPORATE change.  This could include experiencing a merger, acquisition, or spin-off.

  • 54% experienced EXECUTIVE change.  One or more key executive within the C-suite changed.

  • 33% experienced a REPORTING EXECUTIVE change.  The person responsible for aviation changed.

  • 54% experienced an AVIATION LEADER change.  A director, manager or leader within the aviation team changed.

  • 33% experienced a FLEET change.  Aircraft were either replaced, added or sold.

  • Only 5% experienced no change at all.

The key takeaway from this survey: put your high beams on occasionally.  It’s important to be proactive in looking and preparing for change on the horizon.  Whether you manage aviation at the airport or from the corporate offices, you must always be ready for change.  All too often the aviation services team can get weighed down in managing the day-to-day and miss what’s truly ahead of them.  The inevitable change will put obstacles in your path.  The sooner you see them, the better you can navigate.

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